Resume Search System

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Enter a search word that you think is likely to be used by a qualified job candidate in his or her resume (JOB SEARCH maintains data on over 3,000 local candidates throughout the Southern California - Ventura, Conejo, Santa Barbara and SanFernando Valley areas):

Search Word:

A Simple Search Example

To search for an Accountant and/or Controller do the following:

Enter Account* in the field above and click on 'Submit'. All resumes will be searched for words starting with 'Account', such as Accounting, Accountant, Accountability, Accounts etc. The '*' after Account acts like a 'wild' character and allows any other characters to be part of the root word search. Using the '*' is an optional but convenient tool.

Enter Control* in the 'Secondary Search Words' field that appears after clicking on 'Submit'. All resumes found in the first search will now be searched for any word starting with 'Control', such as Controller, Controlling, Controlls etc.

You can repeat the 'Secondary Search Words' searches with as many additional words as you like to further refine the number of qualified candidates. Additional search words may include 'financ*' and 'manag*' which would require each resume to include such key words as Finance, Financial, Financing etc. and Manager, Managing, Management etc. You can also click your Browser Back button at any time to go back and change a previous entry and run the search again. We recommend using single search words with each search unless you understand and use some of the Advanced Options.

You will be informed with each Search how many matches were found. Eventually you will want to click on the View Resumes button to see the actual resume summaries of your matches. You can now identify qualified candidates and call them for a personal interview.

Advanced Options

Search type: Exact match Within words Anywhere in document

Enter a search string. This will search the full text of all documents available. The search can be one or more words; if you enter more than one, all words must appear but not necessarily in order. A * at the end of a word includes all words beginning with the text given. Searches are not case sensitive. You will have an opportunity to narrow or broaden the search after seeing the number of hits found. NOTE: Avoid common words like 'the' or 'and', as these will slow down your searches significantly.

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